All You Need To Remember is Your Password Pattern

August 29, 2017

All You Need To Remember is Your Password Pattern

Having trouble to remember all your password? Feel dilemma when to create a strong and easy remember password?

I believe most of us use the same password to multiple accounts. That’s kinda make sense, because human couldn’t remember that much and also it was pain when forgot your password and reset it. In security perspective, it was a really bad idea to have a same password to multiple account. You’ve got a one password that you think is uncrackable and no one else will know that you use your dog’s name and your house number and then any extra things: Larry96!. How could “they” can guess that?

Unfortunately, the “bad guys” will surprise you. They don’t really observe different aspects of your life until they manage to guess your password. Here’s how they do, they will target the vulnerable website that you probably use, and send you a phishing email including a link that bring you to a fake login page. Once they got your password the first thing they will do is to try all the accounts that link with this email. Eventually, all your accounts information is exposed.

This is why having a same password for multiple accounts is really bad. In contrast, having different password for each account is still consider safe but the problem is, how could i remember that all?

The Password Manager such as 1Password is the solution for this. It use the concept of “One Password” rule them all. The password manager will keep all your password securely and the only password you need to remember is your master password. Great! now you can have different password for each account and without losing it. Some password manager also come with single sign on feature that makes login process a lot of easier just within a few clicks.

However, there are some trade-offs here. The master password cannot be reset and there is no way to get your master password back, if you lost it you lost all your password. Besides, some password manager do offer mobile app for user to copy and paste their password into password input field but some security website like banking website it was completely disable the copy and paste functionality for security purpose.

Also, personally feel like it is not so convenient for new devices login after we too much relied on the password manager. Of course, we won’t keep changing our laptop or phone device but in some cases like our devices is not around us and you need to login your account in new device in order to get things done. Thus, you need to install the password manager and import your password file for every single new device. That’s kinda bothersome just because you don’t remember your password! and you need the software to be install.

Well, it seems like keep your password in mind is still the best. No software, master password and care is required. But, we will fall back the question again how we can remember that all? No worries, i will share my tricks here to teach you how you can create a strong and easy remember password. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving a brain or memory training. It just the only thing you need to remember and I believe everyone of us can do it.

The Password Pattern is all you need to remember. The concept is to patternize your password into a format and use the format to apply all your account’s password. You might thought that all password eventually will be the same. Nope, the pattern rules will make it difference and also easy to remember.

Lets try to create a facebook password with these rules…

  1. use first two character of the domain name. That will be “fa” from facebook.
  2. use a number that according to the sequence of alphabet. E.g a = 1, b = 2 and so on. so “f” is number 6 and “e” is number 5. That will be “65”.
  3. use a special character according to the keyboard number. If you notice that our keyboard number on top bar, each number represent a special character. so “6” is ^ and “5” is %. That will be “^%
  4. last, use third and fouth alphabet of the domain name with uppercase. So that will be “CE

After applied the rules, your facebook password will be “fa65^%CE”. Easy right? Lets apply the rules for others account too.

Twitter — “te205@)%IT

Instagram — “in914(!$ST

Now, when i ask you about your google account password, I believe that you got it in your mind now. It depends on what’s your password rules is, if you feel that it is hard for you, then you may change the rules that easy for you to remember.

Last, keep your password pattern in sercet and I hope this article will help and secure you from the cyber security issues.